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Hybrid quantum computing for business growth.

The future of computing lies in the seamless integration of quantum and classical computing elements. Following this hybrid approach, we leverage the strengths of both and help businesses realize tangible benefits on our cloud platform today.

Georg Gesek, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder QMware

“As we enter the era of quantum computing, the true power lies in the hybridization of classical and quantum computing. By leveraging the strengths of both systems, we can unleash a new era of innovation and solve some of the most complex problems in science, engineering, and business.”

George Gesek

CTO and co-founder of QMware

Hybrid quantum computing: Product portfolio.

Discover our flexible access plans or Cloud@Customer solutions. You choose the QMware Cloud. We deliver next-level computing performance.

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Cloud access plans

Access our quantum simulator and native quantum hardware in your private Quantum Runtime Environment.

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Purchase our quantum-classical node for your proprietary data center or hosted by QMware.

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Our hybrid quantum computing platform: Key features.

Proprietary quantum simulator icon

Proprietary quantum simulator

In memory, parallel processing, up to 40 simulated Qubits based on CPU and GPU resources.

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Secure investment

Hardware agnostic platform provides flexibility in hardware use and modularity for applications reducing switching costs.

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Compute flexibility

Access to the best QPUs with superior performance through deeper integration.

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Protected private cloud

GDPR- and GAIA-X compliant, ISO and SOC certifications.

The QMware Cloud Platform merges HPC, Simulated and Native Quantum Hardware to provide next-level computing performance

Our hybrid approach to quantum computing:

QMware Cloud integrates the leading classical and quantum technologies available on the market for quantum

HPC computing.

The platform consists of classical and graphical processing units (CPU and GPU) with virtual quantum processors. These virtual quantum processors can include both classical simulators and native quantum registers. This unique setup enables the realization of modern, GDPR- as well as GAIA-X-compliant online services with hybrid quantum computing.

QMware's technology stack:

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The QMware quantum simulator

Experience an easy and cost-effective way to work on quantum applications today.

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Native quantum hardware

Best-in-class native Quantum Processing Units from leading quantum computing hardware companies.

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Hardware-agnostic SDK icon

Hardware-agnostic SDK

Making the generated code future-proof and accessible to deploy on any hardware topology.

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Quantum Runtime Environment

For developers to build and deploy their quantum applications in the QMware Quantum Cloud.

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