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QMware develops unprecedented Hard- & Software which brings us step by step closer to our goal: the data center which outperforms human thinking.

Who we are

QMware is a foundation of Markus Pflitsch and Georg Gesek, dedicated to the vision of surpassing some of the most important challenges, mankind is facing in the 21st century, by the leverage of quantum technology.
Behind QMware stand Terra Quantum AG and Novarion Systems GmbH with its parent company Quantum Science & Systems GmbH who work and research with the focus on quantum technologies in a wide variety of fields, especially in the one of Quantum Informatics.
QMware is your partner to step into the future of Quantum Informatics. We assess the benefits of todays and future Quantum Technology for your organization and products. In close cooperation, applying the highest security standards, QMware identifies, develops, co-finances and produces new revolutionary integrated systems for your new market disrupting product portfolio or manufacturing systems. With our exceptional access to science & technology partners worldwide as well as governmental funding organizations, QMware elevates your organization into Quantum Technology Applications as a single point of contact for Design, Development, Financing & Dissemination.

Our Responsibility

Data and its protection are not only a constant topic in the news these days, but also utterly important for many companies. Nowadays, data is one of the most important resources of a company and is considered the most valuable resource in the economy. „Big Data“ offers both, many opportunities and many risks. In Europe, GDPR has attempted to take a step towards data protection, but it is about much more than just educating consumers. New technologies present companies with major challenges in protecting their data and protecting it from external attacks. The responsibility for customer data also lies with the companies. The wide choice of technologies makes it difficult to decide on a suitable solution.
QMware, as a European minded company, offers GDPR compliant handling of data and the chance for companies to prepare for the future. This is because of the exploit of artificial intelligence and not despite it. Our slogan is A.I. made GOOD!
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Tomorrow we will have learned to understand and express all of physics in the language of information.


-John Wheeler-

Our Performance

The graph shows how QMware sets standards today with its unique Hybrid Quantum HPC computing systems, already leveraging on hybrid quantum algorithms to outperform any classical HPC.

QMware has the first and only hardware agnostic approach to quantum computing. Thus, we are able to implement new achievements in this novel technology literally instantaneously.

About Terra Quantum

Terra Quantum is the European answer to breakthrough and accessible quantum computing technology. As a deep tech start-up, Terra Quantum is developing revolutionary quantum applications to shape the technology of the future.

About Novarion

Novarion Systems is one of the technologically leading computer manufacturers. Novarion is providing life-cycle managed and state-of-the-art integrated systems to thousands of customers in various industry sectors including scientific and governmental institutions.

Markus Pflitsch

CEO of Terra Quantum

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George Gesek

CEO of Novarion

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