This talk will leave you amazed about new quantum computing technologies which will become available in the Cloud by the year 2021!

And it won’t start in America, as usual, but in the heart of Europe, as a joint venture by Novarion Systems & Terra Quantum. Novarion, the high-performance computer designer & manufacturer partners with Terra Quantum, the leader in quantum information technologies in Europe. This enables all kinds of industries to leverage their high-performance computing applications with hybrid quantum computing, for the first time, all together within the novel Hybrid Quantum Cloud by QMware.

The presentation will lead you through the whole stack of a hybrid quantum computer, starting with the heterogenous hardware layer, followed by the novel operating system by Novarion up to the hybrid quantum computing framework, until you experience how to program and manage such a machine by yourself.


Language of presentation: English


After the talk, you will have gained knowledge about:

  • How a Hybrid Quantum Computer is constructed.
  • What are the useful applications for such a machine.
  • How to use hybrid quantum computing in the Cloud.
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